24/7 Service & Support

      • SUPPORT CENTRE – available for telephonic assistance 24/7.
      • GUARDING – 24 hour guarding services.
      • SUPERVISORY – regular monitored supervisory services.
      • ACCESS CONTROL – managed with the latest technology 24/7.
      • GUARD TRACK – monitoring of guards patrols every hour on the hour.
      • ARMED REACTION – response when you need it most.
      • EMERGENCY RESPONSE – highly trained teams responding to critical situation.
      • ESCORT SERVICES – clients safety from start to finish.
      • LOCKSMITHS – 24 hour locksmiths  at our disposal.
      • TOWING SERVICES – 24 hour towing at our disposal      
      • PLUMBERS – 24 hours availability, when you need them most.
      • ELECTRICIAN – 24 hours at our disposal.
      • WELDING WORKS – a 24 hour emergency maintenance and repair team to come out and fix the problem
      • VETTING SERVICES – Itc check, criminal checks, company registration checks, employment screening, police clearances, all types of vetting undertaken.
      • INVESTIGATIONS – all our investigators have police backgrounds and have been specifically trained in intensive investigations.

We can provide you with new services or new installations. From a single, stand-alone request or an end to end solution.


 Or we can takeover and manage your existing arrangements and where applicable fix or replace what’s necessary.

We are the suppliers and installers of all security products, with product knowledge & pricing to satisfy every request.